» Advertising & Promotion

The promotion and advertising activities represent the fundamental element for every company that wants to amplify its visibility and fame, both in areas where it’s already present, and in areas where there are new development opportunities.

  • Creation or restyling of brand and logotypes
  • Elaboration of coordinated design lines
  • Creation and development of advertising campaigns
  • Company communication
  • Brand Identity
  • Photographical shoots, videos and commercials
» Packaging & Design

In the current socio-economical situation, the impact of image and design is more and more important when a consumer is choosing what to purchase. For this reason, the creation of effective packaging and innovative design, which increase the value of the brand and the product and/or service, represent a strategic method for placement, representing an essential tool for company growth.

  • Planning, designing and restyling of the packaging
  • Development of contents and projects
  • Development and production of cardboard and paper products
» Exhibition Stand & Display

Being able to stand out, being efficient, developing and creating well-developed and efficient “tools” represent a definite asset for anyone who has or wants to interact with the public, no matter if it’s for small objects or great structures.

  • Development and production of stands
  • Setting up of exhibitions’ stands
  • Development and production of promostands, totems, banners and much more.
» Web & Multimedia

The technological “tools” are more and more a key for modern and efficient communication, therefore it’s essential to use cutting-edge solutions and the best ideas and structures to develop multimedia “products”.
The creation and optimization of interactive methods offer the chance of being visible and reachable from everywhere in the world, broadening the demand and the offer.

  • Development of multimedia products
  • Internet websites, portals, e-commerce
  • Social Network Web Marketing
  • Promotional campaigns on the web
  • Creation of CD-Rom and DVD
» Consultancy & Marketing

Building ad hoc projects through an attentive analysis of needs and expectations, studying the necessary actions and using the most suitable tools to tackle adequately the market and to be effective and efficient with the targeted clients.

  • Market analysis
  • Marketing plans
  • Development and Management of the company image
  • Training and team building for effective communication
» Special Events

Special events are one of the most effective marketing tools to reach the target public in a strategic and measurable way. The best personalized and creative solution stems from an attentive ideation of the concept, the identification of location, the elaboration of the budget, the management and logistics of every aspect of the event.
The result is a strong bond with the public, identification and the sense of belonging.

  • Events, meetings, congresses and conventions
  • Exhibitions and cultural festivals and fairs
  • Concerts and performances
  • Company parties